Our company

Crea.Re Group is a Real Estate investment, development and repositioning company.

Founded in 2017 by Andrea Tessitore and Simone Pansa, the Company focuses on residential and commercial operations in Turin and Milan.

Crea.Re Group invests with equity in all deals which are generally structured with the following guidelines:

  • up to 10 Mio € through club deals where Crea.Re Group holds majority of the equity and private investors are minority shareholders in addition to providing debt to the deal;
  • over 10 Mio € with institutional partners with whom partnership agreements have been signed and where Crea.Re Group holds at least 10% of the equity.

Since 2017 Crea.Re Group has managed over 50 deals, 100.000 m2 and generated an average return on its investments of over 15%.

Our strategy

The deep knowledge of the territory and local operators allows Crea.Re Group to pick the best opportunities on the market and to adopt the best exit strategy for its investments. Furthermore, thanks to the long experience of its founding partners, Crea.Re Group boasts the competence to link the real estate world to the financial one in the structuring and placement of deals.

The "time" component is essential for Crea.Re Group and the flexible and pragmatic approach of the management team allows to close small-medium size operations in a period of time ranging from 18 to 24 months, well below the actual real estate business standards.

Over 10 .000 m2
Total Area
100 Mln €
Transactions Value
> 10 %
Average Yield

Our investors

Crea.Re Group offers customized investments based on the risk profile sought and is committed to maintain direct and lasting relationships based on trust with each of its investors (individuals, family offices and primary institutional investors).

The investment focus is on residential and commercial assets located in the center of Turin and Milan with returns in terms of pre-tax IRR above 20% and with a time horizon between 12 and 48 months. The size of the deals varies between 0 and 50 Mln €.

Our governance

Crea.Re Group has a highly qualified, lean and flexible structure that allows it to make decisions in a very short time.

The board of directors is composed by 2 members:

  • Andrea Tessitore, President and Co-CEO
  • Simone Pansa, CEO